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Serving Bay Area Homeowners and Businesses for Over Twenty Years.

You can lower your electric bill using practical and affordable methods for an immediate reduction on your next PG&E bill for your home or business.

Oddly, even in these modern times many people still don't do what is possible to reduce their energy for lower electric bills because they don't realize that it is easy to do and it will save them money without sacrificing convenience or performance.

Most recently I have shown a property owner how to save $4000 per year at one address without installing one new nut, screw or bolt, without a single thing to install. At another address I helped the owners reduce their PG&E electric bill from $900 to $600 per month; that's an instant 33% savings of $300 dollars a month.

I will provide an electrical energy audit at your address and advise you of the effective means and methods to start saving now, based on your lifestyle, business and present energy usage. The audit will cost you $99 and we will show you how to realize substantial savings right away.

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